iPhone手机数据恢复软件Omni Recover 2.9.0 MacOS破解版下载

iPhone手机数据恢复软件Omni Recover 2.9.0 MacOS破解版下载插图


Omni Recover 是全新推出的一款iPhone数据恢复软件,Omni Recover Mac版可以检索多达20多种类型的iOS数据,支持从iDevices恢复丢失的数据,轻松帮你找回数据。使用Omni Recover for macOS,无论您处于什么阶段,都可以检索已删除的消息,照片,WhatsApp聊天等等。

原因无关紧要,我们已为您重新覆盖-iPhone数据容易受到突发和偶然的iOS灾难的影响。例如,在iPhone上删除照片是永久性的,并且当您滑动以删除消息线程时,没有回收站可用来回收它。现在,借助Omni Recover,您可以放心地知道所有iPhone,iPad和iPod touch文件都可以轻松恢复。从iPhone的水损坏到人为事故,Omni Recover都会帮助您恢复丢失的iOS数据,无论原因如何。

适用于所有类型iOS内容的iPhone数据恢复-您不知道在iPhone上最重要的是什么,直到永久丢失。也许是您珍藏的家庭照片,或者是保存您的银行帐户数据的便条,或者您最需要一个消息线程。无论iOS数据是至关重要的还是宝贵的,Omni Recover都提供了抢救解决方案。凭借行业领先的iPhone数据恢复功能,Omni Recover能够检索多达20多种类型的iOS数据。

Omni Recover for macOS lets you retrieve your deleted messages, photos, WhatsApp chats, and much more, no matter what stage you’ve reached.

No Matter The Cause, We’ve Got You Re-Covered – iPhone data are vulnerable to sudden and casual iOS disasters. For instance, deleting photos on iPhone is permanent, and when you slide to delete a message thread, there’s no Trash bin for retrieving it. Now with Omni Recover, you can have peace of mind knowing all your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch files are easily recoverable. From iPhone water damage, to man-made accident, Omni Recover will give you a hand in recovering your lost iOS data, regardless of the cause.

iPhone Data Recovery for All Types of Your iOS Content – You have no idea what counts most on your iPhone until you lose it for good. Maybe it’s your treasured family photos, or a note that saves your bank account data, or perhaps you need a message thread most. Whatever iOS data is vital and precious, Omni Recover provides a salvage solution. With industry-leading iPhone data recovery capability, Omni Recover is able to retrieve up to 20+ types of iOS data.

Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later
Homepage: https://www.minicreo.com/omni-recover/



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