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Windows系统优化软件Ashampoo WinOptimizer 17.00.32多语言破解版免费下载插图


Ashampoo WinOptimizer是清洁、优化和保护电脑的最佳选择。它可以释放磁盘空间、修复错误、提高稳定性和性能。WinOptimizer 能解决 Windows 的缺点,为您提供更快、更干净、更精简的系统。大量自动化功能让用户无需专业知识,只需几下点击就能完成所有设置!


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Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 17 cleans, protects and optimizes your PC like no other program can. Gain new disk space, disable unwanted services and boost your PC performance to the max! Protect your privacy and customize Windows to your needs. Enjoy steady performance and a lean, secure system!

The Swiss army jackknife for your PC
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer comes packed with 38 powerful modules to make your computer life incredibly easy. It doesn’t matter whether you seek to customize Windows, enhance your security and privacy or analyze your system in depth. All modules are refined and updated every year for best compatibility and performance with old and new Windows versions alike. Discover the wealth of useful features in WinOptimizer yourself!………..

Continuous development
Development never stops so each version comes with improved and enhanced modules. For example, Uninstall Manager now provide more details, Duplicate Finder supports additional filters and Browser Extension Manager now supports Opera. Based on extensive customer feedback, we continuously fix issues, implement feature requests (like new Internet Tuner profiles) and optimize work flows. This ensures that your favorite feature are always up to date and that WinOptimizer never ceases to surprise you in a positive way!…………..


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